Echo Church financially supports missionaries throughout the world. Each gift of support we receive goes to local and global ministry. From time to time, we partner with other ministries to accomplish certain projects, but here are the missions we support continually.

Athletes in Action, Poland (Piotr and Heidi Paprocki) — reaching young people in eastern Europe through athletics.

PROCA Coaching, Poland (Dawid and Justyna Wawrzyniak) — ministering to Polish professionals through leadership training.

Christian Mission for Myanmar (Daniel and Buzi Mawyio) — starting churches, caring for orphans, and training seminary students in Myanmar.

New Hope Pakistan (Sam and Brittany Gill) — leading a church and educating children in a Christian school.

The Bosque Christian Church (Johnny and Zandra Dye) — a ministry to the people of Caracas, Venezuela.

Love Boldly — a Midwest-based ministry dedicated to repairing the relationship between the church and the LGBTQ+ community.

Back2Back Ministries — caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. They provide Trauma Informed Care and have both a local focus in Cincinnati, as well as ministering in Mexico, Haiti, India, Nigeria, and Dominican Republic.