Easter at Echo

We'd love for you to join us for the most important date in the Christian calendar. 

This year, Easter falls on April 1st—April Fools Day. While skeptics feel that the story of Jesus' resurrection is ludicrous, the Bible addresses the doubt. In our worship, we'll not only explore how Jesus defeated death, but why following his path isn't foolishness. 

When? Sunday morning April 1st at 11:00

Where? 1301 East McMillan, Cincinnati, OH

What should I wear? Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Since it's Easter, some folk will be dressed up, but we invite you to come however you wish.

What about kids? We provide child care through kindergarten. For grade school and up, kids stay in the worship service. We provide an activity pack for kids who need to keep themselves busy.

New Series: Daniel

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In the Old Testament, the Lord was forced to punish his people because of their rebellious nature. In one of the most traumatic events in Jewish history, the people of God were exiled to the pagan land of Babylon. 

In the midst of this tragedy, however, there were faithful believers determined to stand firm in the midst of a hostile environment. In our study of the book of Daniel, we'll learn what it takes to live fearlessly in trying situations.

New Series: HUMAN

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Do you feel tension between holding to Biblical truth and respecting popular science? In our next teaching series, we're examining sacred and secular perspectives about our place in the universe. 

We'll use both the Scriptures and the recent works of Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens and Homo Deus) as starting points for our exploration of the past, present, and future of humanity.

January 7: Our Yesterday Part One (Origins)
January 14: Our Yesterday Part Two (Beliefs)
January 21: Our Today
January 28: Our Tomorrow

Leadership Update

The minister search committee is pleased to announce that we’ve come to an agreement with one of our candidates. Similar to how it worked with our last lead minister, this candidate will begin serving with Echo in the role of interim minister. If, after a three-month period, both our church and the candidate believe we're called to a long term relationship, he will be named our official Lead Pastor.

We've decided not to publicly announce the minister's name at this time as he still has some personal aspects of his transition to iron out. So please bear with us as we are limiting the details we're releasing to the church. His first Sunday with us will be February 4th.

Thank you for your continual prayers and patience in this time of transition at Echo. We truly believe we found the right person to journey with us.

In His Service,
The Minister Search Committee
Larry Budde, elder
Steve Carr, elder
Susan Israel, committee member
Evan Konc, committee member
Eric McDonald, committee member

New Series: Around the Manger

around the manger.jpg

The next few weeks will be a blur. So much to do, so little time. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday tasks, will you take the time to pause and reflect on the reason for our gladness? Are we welcoming the newborn King into our celebration?

As we enter into the Christmas season, we invite you to join us in worship as we look at those who first welcomed Jesus into the world. 

Note: there will be no Echo worship gathering on Sunday December 24th. 

New Series: Colossians

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Perhaps the most controversial concept surrounding Christianity today is its claims of exclusivity. Even though it's a faith for all people—regardless of age, cultural background, or socio-economic status—it's still a religion that claims to be the correct one. If we really accept the teachings of Jesus, we need to grapple with his statement, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Over the next weeks, we'll study the writings of one of the most influential thinkers in history on why the claims of Jesus win out against all others. Whether you're simply investigating the Christian narrative or you're a long-time believer attempting to determine what you truly believe, this study of Colossians will challenge you to look at Jesus in a new light.

Family Fest 2017

Thanks so much to all who came out and volunteered for the Walnut Hills Family Fest. Sure, it was hot, but it was a great day to unite with other churches and serve our community. You can see some snapshots of the day by clicking/swiping on the slideshow below.

Leadership Update

In June, David Wheatley resigned from his position as lead minister from Echo Church due to a pending relocation. David's wife, Amanda, completed her medical studies and searched for employment in her field. After a few months of applying for positions in the greater Cincinnati area to no avail, she expanded her search outside the area; she immediately received offers. They moved to Franklin, Indiana and David secured a position as a minister at a church there.

 While our heart breaks at their departure, we bless them as they leave. As always, we are a church dedicated to sending out kingdom workers for service.

We continue a search for a new teaching pastor. The elders, Larry Budde and Steve Carr, are overseeing the selection process and have organized a search committee, with Eric McDonald, Susan Israel, and Evan Konc as members. We will keep you updated on our progress.

New Series: Jesus B.C.

Jesus BC

We live in a world where nothing stays the same: fashion, laws, technology, gas prices, Cincinnati weather; even Skyline admitted to changing their crackers this year! The Greek philosopher Heraclitus understood this, as he famously said, "The only thing that is constant is change."

But there is at least one thing that Heraclitus didn't take into account: God.

Our Creator is the same today as He was the day He spoke the universe into being. God won't grow old. He doesn't tire. He's never bored. And He doesn't break His promises.

God will forever be God.

Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of God. When we see the Son crucified, we see God's full character on display. So what did God look like before He became man?

Join us for this six week series as we look at the way God's timeless character shows up all over the Old Testament.