Starting off the year in The Word

Our church's name is linked to the power of words in our lives. God spoke the world into creation and our role as his followers is to reverberate those words to the world. That's why we're starting this new year as a church exploring the power of the Scriptures and words to transform our lives. 

Over the next six weeks, we'll use our Sunday morning gatherings to explore some important words for our church. At the same time, we'll look inward to determine what words we need to pursue in our own lives. During this study, our biweekly small groups will provide time for us to discuss these concepts together.

If you've been looking to get more connected with our community, this is the perfect time. We have three midweek groups with which you can connect. And we deliberately separate the men and the ladies to ensure we can facilitate some deeper conversations. 
When do our groups meet?
Women's [Hyde Park]: Every other Thursday at 7pm
Women's [East Walnut Hills]: Every other Wednesday at 7pm
Men's [Hyde Park]: Every other Wednesday at 7pm

For exact locations, you can attend the Sunday gathering, or email us at