A Holiday Story

old school xmas.jpg

A 10-year-old me descended the steps of my childhood home on Christmas morning. I raced around the corner where the stairway met the walls of the dining and living rooms—and there it was. Under the tree, emblazoned with a gigantic bow, was the sparkling glow of a metallic red painted Huffy BMX bicycle.
With murdered-out black tires and spoked wheels, I dreamed about all the wheelies I’d do around our small-town neighborhood. I envisioned myself cascading off plywood ramps and jumping street curbs to avoid the cracks on the old sidewalks. Jesse Orosco, Rolando Roomes, and a couple of clothespins would provide my rumble as I rolled through the streets of Jamestown. I’d race the tractor-trailers through town and slam on the pedals in the gravel parking lot behind my house, only to peel out and do it all again. One, two, three, four, five streaks in the ground-up rocks.
One. Day. That’s all I got with my ruby red beauty.
It turns out there are plenty of people in a town of 1,500 individuals who would love the spectacle of a red bike. Our not-so-secure carport wasn’t enough to deter the thieves and their need for speed Huffy provided. And just like that, she was gone. If December 25, 1990 was the greatest day of my childhood, then December 26, 1990 was the certainly the saddest. It was back to the junkyard to pick parts off old bikes to create cyborgs with no souls.
The joy of receiving that red bike was exhilarating. The sadness of realizing it was gone left me empty. As children, we experience the world through a unique lens. We feel joy and sadness through seemingly little things, and the emotional response our little minds create can stick with us for a long time. My experience as a kid led me to relish in the receiving of material things. I think a lot of people can relate to this.
When I think of this story from my childhood, it serves as a reminder that Christmas is about much more than the exchange of material gifts. This is when we celebrate the end of the waiting. This is when we see what God’s been up to. This is when we receive Jesus as His plan to reconcile all things.
Our family is excited to celebrate Jesus’ birth with Echo Church this holiday season. Thank you for being part of our church family.

Take care.