A Thanksgiving Thought

Give Thanksg table.jpg

Thanksgiving provides a time for us to reconnect with our families. Whether we want to or not, many of us will travel to visit with loved ones this week and catch up with those we don’t see often. Though some of us have a family dynamic that we enjoy, for others this can be a stressful time filled with conversations we’d rather not be having. This can cause angst and feelings of resentment toward those we are supposed to love.

I’m reminded of our recent “Jesus &” series. Many of the messages were about being together with people in our communities. Those messages rallied around the idea of spending time with people who aren’t exactly like us. There could be some wisdom in that type of thinking as we travel to meet up with family this week.

Being a good neighbor extends to those we grew up with and know intimately. I rarely consider my family as my enemy, but as I sit here and think about with whom I have regular disagreements, they certainly do come to the top of my mind. I wonder what it might look like to take Jesus’ command to love and pray for our enemies into the family arena.

The truth is—the branches that extend from our own family trees might provide the greatest opportunity to cultivate good fruit. My prayer this week is that we connect in positive ways to those with whom we share blood and that we remember God’s gift of grace.

Take care.