New Series: Dwell

Series Introduction by David Wheatley

God is always with us. This truth permeates the entire breadth of Scripture. So are we living our lives in light of this reality?

In our walk with Christ, we can all recall some clear breakthrough moments when God’s presence felt undeniable. During a baptism, at that healing night, or those times the worship really moved us. But it’s not just those signature moments when God shows up. The Bible tells us His presence never leaves us. Yes, even in the predictable rhythm of our day to day lives, God is there, and His Spirit is moving.

As a Church, we believe God longs for us to commune with Him not just on Sundays, but in the still of the morning, during the commute, when we’re stuck in meetings, as we converse with our co-workers, and every single moment in between. In all the common scenarios of what some call “the grind”, we’ve become far too secular. To some extent, we’re numb.

Dwell is our wake up call.

What would it look like if we sought God’s presence in the midst of the mundane? How would our lives change if God took residence in the forefront of our hearts and minds? In this four-week series, we’ll look at the way God appears in unexpected people, places, and postures.