Leadership Update

The minister search committee is pleased to announce that we’ve come to an agreement with one of our candidates. Similar to how it worked with our last lead minister, this candidate will begin serving with Echo in the role of interim minister. If, after a three-month period, both our church and the candidate believe we're called to a long term relationship, he will be named our official Lead Pastor.

We've decided not to publicly announce the minister's name at this time as he still has some personal aspects of his transition to iron out. So please bear with us as we are limiting the details we're releasing to the church. His first Sunday with us will be February 4th.

Thank you for your continual prayers and patience in this time of transition at Echo. We truly believe we found the right person to journey with us.

In His Service,
The Minister Search Committee
Larry Budde, elder
Steve Carr, elder
Susan Israel, committee member
Evan Konc, committee member
Eric McDonald, committee member