There’s no shortage of people who will tell you what’s wrong with the city. Instead of dwelling on the problems, we’re focusing on the solution. Echo Church believes that Jesus will not only transform individual lives but entire communities. Our church was started in October 2005 with a desire to resonate the voice of God throughout the city and to the ends of the earth. When we step back and listen to what God is saying, we begin see the world in a different light. What started as a group of ten friends has now blossomed into a fellowship of believers that impacts not only the neighborhood of Walnut Hills, but also assists ministries in the greater Cincinnati area and throughout the world.

We're a body of believers united by a common relationship with Jesus. We’re human: we laugh, we cry, we hurt, we screw-up; we’re not perfect. Our worship of God isn’t limited to Sundays but is lived out in our daily lives.

We love Cincinnati, enjoy its culture, and believe in its future. While questions about faith will always surface, we invite you to journey with us as we seek God and work toward answers.

When we started, we were the only Echo Church in the U.S. Since then, quite a few other churches share that name. Our search for the name began with a study of the Bible. As we explored how God presents himself to humanity, we noted that God created the universe with his voice; God called prophets to verbally communicate his commands. And ultimately, God sent His Son, who was also called the logos (Greek for, “The Word.”).

Throughout the Scriptures, we read that God speaks.

Since He speaks to us, it is our duty to share His words to others. They are not our words (we are not the source) so we merely “echo” God’s words to all creation. In Psalm 19:4, the poet observes, “Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

Echo is a simple church with a passion for the Scriptures. For a detailed list of our theological beliefs, download the PDF by clicking here.

Echo is an autonomous, non-denominational church, affiliated with the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Our tribe can be traced to the beginning of the United States, birthed out of the Second Great Awakening. Known as the Restoration Movement, ours was the first non-denomination movement in America, a call to faith based on biblical authority. While people prefer to impose certain labels on churches, we aim to be a simple church looking of Christians focused on living out the message of Jesus in our community.